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Community is what we make it.

If there is one question that stands out since I started publicly identifying as atheist, this has to be it: “What about the community?”. Church binds us together, it ensures that no-one is passed over or falls through the cracks. … Continue reading

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Papal Resignation

There has been some coverage of Benedict’s resignation suggesting that the controversy surrounding his tenure has been due to his adherence to traditional Church teachings. While I certainly would see his record in that regard as grounds for resignation, that’s … Continue reading

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How do you science?

I got a question from my family that’s a little more complicated than a quick blurb.  Instead I put a more detailed response here. I’m curious, how do you decide on which Hypothesis or Experiment to begin with in your … Continue reading

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Pop science and the basis of life

There is a… thing. An exhaustive critique would be… exhausting.  But I can’t let this go completely untouched either.  So I’ll compromise with highlighting some of the most egregiously wrong parts. Living systems are uniquely characterized by two-way flows of … Continue reading

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Growing up, I was exposed to very few atheists. Most of the atheists I was exposed to were either poor role models or sufficiently ambiguous that you wouldn’t guess they were atheists unless you were really looking. I’m not certain … Continue reading

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The Privilege of Reality

I’ve been kicking this one around in my head for a while. People who bring me woo accuse me of all sorts of character traits/behaviors when they find that I am not supportive. Some of these accusations are false; some … Continue reading

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Not helping

There is not alot to say about this. It is flat out wrong, and stupid to boot. I mention it only for two reasons. First, because it deserves unequivocal condemnation and because friendly fire is the most important (and effective) … Continue reading

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