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No Such Thing as Wheat

I noticed a couple of secondary media sources talking about this study today. It’s interesting in part because non-linear temperature responses and threshold temperatures are a really cool thing in biology. More importantly it is interesting because a lot of … Continue reading

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“Safe” cars

So, from time to time, people will tell me that they like big cars like SUVs because they are safe in car vs. car situations (ignoring the rollover issue and other complications for the moment). My first impression is that … Continue reading

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The way we walk

Crommunist Manifesto has an excellent bit on what it means to belong to a group that is perceived as a threat. It is well worth a read, not only because of the depth of his perspective, but also the eloquence … Continue reading

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Ethics 2

I should preface this, I suppose, by preempting objections that I am about to raise a straw man. To those who would not themselves raise this argument, I appreciate your sobriety. Please understand however that not everyone shares this admirable … Continue reading

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Potential and the energy analogy to economics

I wrote earlier about how flippin awesome Gibbs is.  And this is truth.  Energy is elegant and simple (at least, when you compare it to matter– that stuff is way screwed up).  Many of the forms energy comes in are, … Continue reading

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Bais as an incoherent gibbering idiot (a how-to guide)

So there’s this thing. I don’t want to spend any time on most of it, as this would be unhealthy. But a couple of parts of it are so egregious that I just can’t help myself. Someone is wrong on … Continue reading

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